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We have the great choice of different bikes!

In Tandem bike rental we have collected all types of bikes: mountain, city, tandems, women, children, as well as trailers!

Our prices

60 UAH
1 Hour
120 UAH
2 Hours
  • Third hour - for free!
200 UAH
  • from 9am to 7pm
250 UAH
24 Hours

Tandem Rental Rules

These few simple rules will help you get the most out of active leisure and stay in good relations
with the rental administration in case of any emergency.


The equipment is given to you on the security of the deposit. It can be documents (national ID card or passport) and 500 UAH or money – 3.000 UAH (100 USD, 100 EUR). In case you leave documents as deposit, you do it voluntarily. All documents are stored in a very strong safe.


We ask you to carefully handle the equipment, operate it for its intended purpose and in appropriate conditions.


Return the equipment to the end of the working day, 19:00, in a clean and working condition.


If the equipment is damaged, you need to pay the cost of repairs and spare parts, and in case you have broken at a great distance from the rental, then transportation of equipment to the rental office. If instead you return the bike rubble or nothing – you have to pay the full cost of broken or lost hardware.


Be careful when riding! The rental administration hopes that you understand: it is not responsible for your life and health in the process of using the equipment.

Road accidents

In case of an accident you need to write down the registration numbers of the car and report an accident to the rental administration.

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